Console price cuts "not enough," EA says

TVGB: "During the company's fiscal Q2 earnings call earlier today, EA CEO John Riccitiello said the recent console price cuts, while driving hardware sales, are "not enough to get the industry back to flat software sales for the calendar year.""

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glennc3731d ago

excuse me mister 'just got rid of a third of our games in development to cut costs' how about you worry about your own company going back to it's old ways of nothing but yearly updates.

TOO PAWNED3730d ago

I think consoles should be free, you know you should be able to go into a store and pick one AND Sony, MS, NTD should give us 100$ so we can buy ONLY EA games....ahh you know what make it 200$. I wonder if that would make EA and Activision happy OR should we ask for 300$ pffff tuff question....have to sleep on that one.

CptBach3730d ago

Those guys just spit out anything...
EA had bad earnings so they say rubbish sh*t to justify that

Nuclearwinter3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Give him some glasses and he's the warden from Shawshank.

Briefcase Joe3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

It might have been the consoles, before the price cuts, but it's your fault now. Stop producing sh!t and expecting people to gobble it up. I'll give you my money, if you give me a quality game.

zoks3103730d ago

"Give them an inch they take a yard. Give them a yard they take a mile. Once a man, and twice a child, and everything is just for a while, but is seems like total destruction is the only solution... Emmm... no use, no one can stop them now."

Real situation - Bob Marley.


I swear EA CEO John Riccitiello said the complete opposite a few month ago when the Slim launched, he praised the price drop and said this was the shot in the arm that the industry needed.

Go tell Microsoft and Nintendo to drop their prices more, Sony did their part and made their sacrifice for the industry...

StanLee3730d ago

The slim release and the subsequent price cuts didn't move the needle much in September and October so maybe he has a point. Software sales were still below expectations even though all the consoles had a bump in sales.

raztad3730d ago


September PS3 slim sales were beyond expectations and octuber figures arent known yet. Probably is the xbox figures the one falling behind dont you think? or the Wii sales dropping continuously.

ChozenWoan3730d ago

This gen all games begin at $60 whether or not it's worth that much. Last gen games came in three prices, $50 for the AAA, $40 for average games, and $30 for "movie based games". This encouraged gamers to buy more games due to the "$100 mentality".

When we walk into the game store, we tend to semi-consciously assume we have a max of $100 to spend on gaming. At last gen prices we would likely buy 2 or more games and still walk away with change after taxes. Today, One game will set you back $65-$100 with ease, so we tend to purchase fewer games. Or like many gamers such as myself, we wait until the game is a few months old and just get a used copy for around $30 or less.

If publishers really want to get the industry running again, they are gonna have to start pricing games accordingly. If not, they will continue to sale 75%-50% of what they did last gen. Especially in this economy when everyone is much more prudent with their hard earned money.

sunil3730d ago

"The problem is not console prices, it's game prices"

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Major_Failson3730d ago

Or Bobby Kotick in disguise?

SuperStrokey11233730d ago

No it couldnt be Bobby as he would have said gamers suck and that we should raise the prices more.

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The story is too old to be commented.