How WoW's free market economy traps players in a work to play schedule

"'What's up?' said a newly logged on pally.
'Farming. Gotta get 4000 rep before the weekend.' said another pally.
'Yeah, same. Need some money to afford pots for Kara on Friday.' said a third pally. Yes, we know, our guild has an abundance of pallies.

But since when did WoW become so much like life in that we actually have to separate our work time from our play time? Intrigued, GamesRadar asked around and discovered that most level 70s spend four to five days grinding and farming to make money in order to be able to afford to buy drinks for themselves and maybe a few buddies on their day off.

Sounds scarily familiar, doesn't it?"

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rusgreim4158d ago

...H. Christ... I had no idea that the people who play this crap are this lame.

Get a life, live a real life in the real world, losers.

PS360WII4158d ago

yeah like no other mmo out there requires you to make money... oh they do? crap...

What's the fun in the game if you just get all the great gear from the start of it. No challange what-so-ever... you get a better sense of accomplishment if you farm/craft/sell to make money to get that awesome set of equip.

Not a fan of WoW but I know I have to make money/gil in FFXI to get some sweet stuff. It's what you do though, that's kind of the game. Level up, get some equip, explore some more, and go further in the story.

fenderputty4158d ago

I played FFXI and got sucked in. I managed to have a life outside of the game but, what time I did play in the game was mostly tiresome redundant EXP'ing and Mining for money. Once I reached level 65 I quit. It was just too much.

nosmok4158d ago

Next they will be complaining about cheap labour immigrant pushing the prices down on items and gold (Mudflation!). Opps too late.

power0919994158d ago

When I get home I am going to start a Orc child labor camp.

I am going to go Martha Stewart on Azeroth.

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