Modern Warfare 2's mature content supported by British government

TVGB: "The levels of violence in Modern Warfare 2 were discussed in Parliament today, with the British government coming out in strong support of the mature videogame content."

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cronaldo73726d ago

It's just a videogame. It's not real.

dgroundwater3726d ago

No kidding. Germany needs to take notes.

wohoo3726d ago

Australia too.

tdogchristy903726d ago

I'm very happy that this came about. I live in america but for the gaming community as a whole this is good. That Government, just like with any other media such as movies or music, need to realise that it's not about censorship but about not allowing certain material to get into the hands of people that by law are not allowed to view it in the first place.

skip2mylou3726d ago

i loled at some of the comments on tht site but.... good for them British Parliament boys good to see them not complaining about this but supporting IW's warnings in the game to skip the parts that would offend the people playing MW2