PSP Firmware 3.50 Released

Sony has finally released PSP Firmware 3.50, which provides support for the PlayStation 3's new internet-enabled Remote Play feature. The full changelog is as follows:

* Connect to Remote Play through the Internet
* Communication setting was added to the Remote Play menu.
* The RSS channel guide was added to the RSS channel.

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Robotz Rule4576d ago

Downloading it as I speak.

gta_cb4575d ago

you should wait for custom fw it wont be long before its released.

clownfacemcgee4576d ago

I wonder what this remote play will allow me to do? and should I really forsake my homebrew for this? I'm not comfortable connecting my psp to my ps3 with a custom firmware on it, even if Dax manages to do it. I'm paranoid that Sony might detect it.

gta_cb4575d ago (Edited 4575d ago )

read the write up on the PS3s most recent update etc, they will link up (literaly lol) "Connect to Remote Play through the Internet" clues? lol

anyway yeh i know what you mean about linking a custom fw. especially with the news of MS banning etc. seems to be cracking down (crackdown lol) anyway yeh seems to be cracking down on the modders/ hackers etc.
i would just not use this feature, stay with your custom fw, then wait maybe a month and see if there is news of peoples PSP being bricked etc etc.

maddog4576d ago

Just finished trying out the new update for remote play, works great to access all the pics, music, and videos stored on my PS3 where ever there's a hotspot.

gta_cb4575d ago

is there much lag? ya know in vids, does it take a long time loading things in?

i have a PSP so this would be useful to me in the future so just woundering

sonarus4576d ago

i jst tried it frm california to indiana it didnt wrk

Marceles4576d ago

Can't wait to use this at work to watch movies I put on my PS3 *looks at movie UMDs, throws them in the trash*

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The story is too old to be commented.