Choose A Difficulty: God of War 3 Impressions

Ryan : "Being a fan of the God of War series, I felt at times that the team over at Santa Monica had so much in mind that they may have been sightly held back in being able to truly create the desired effects and sequences. Not to say these sequences were bad in any way, I just have always thought to myself, if they had more what could they pull off, twice as much going in the background? Taking boss battles to an even more dynamic level? So finally queue God of War 3."

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theEnemy3729d ago

It was awesome.

It was a gorefest. If I'll rate the gore of the past 3 GoW, I'll rate them 5/10. But in GoW3 10/10.

The controls are perfectly the same.

I just hope that there are more weapons other than those 3 (The typical swords, the lion's head thing, and the bow).

Pretty fun, especially the beheading. ^_^