New Super Mario Bros. Wii commercials

Nintendo has released the commercials for New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

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Valay3727d ago

I'm shocked that I even saw the commercials on TV. For some reason, I almost never see Nintendo commercials.

toaster3727d ago

I think Miley Cyrus plays Nintendogs or something. That's the ONLY Nintendo commercial I see.

tunaks13726d ago

no shes busy playing with her pink psp...

tunaks13727d ago

this game deserves a better commercial!

Valay3727d ago

What's wrong with them?

ChickeyCantor3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )


I like the ingame objects in the living room, nice touch.
But the way these people act....its really turning my guts inside out.

I know lots of people would move because they want mario to jump, but these people pretend they are evading concrete coming at high speed at them.

Old video game commercials were awesome, nowa days? Hell even Sony and MS fail at it.

YoungKingDoran3727d ago

the madworld commercials were b!tch'n