New 'ModNation Racers' Screenshots

18 new ModNation Racers screenshots have been released.

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Completely destroys Forza 3 in everything.

ModNationRacers >>> Flopza 3: Flopping pony sports

ambientFLIER3724d ago

It's getting painful to read these lame flamebaits with no originality whatsoever.

Parapraxis3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

No, it's called Mod Nation Racers.
While it IS a kart racing game, It has it's own style, is extremely customizable, will have fantastic online features, a track builder, etc.

The KART aspect is the only major similarity that I see.

Screenshots look good (even if they are a bit small)
Great to see there is going to be a ton of unique locations in this game.
Can't wait to build some tracks and share them!

toxic273724d ago

Yeah, if you click one from the 'gallery' and then click the screenshot in the 'screenshot viewer' you will see it enlarged (unless you have already done that). Sorry, I need to make the 'enlarge screenshot' option more obvious.

Saaking3724d ago

Mario Kart mixed with LittleBigPlanet. The game is looking amazing and so much fun. I can't wait, two great exclusive racers next year.

Parapraxis3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

Yo Toxic27,
I enlarged, they are just a little small (did you resize them?)
You should try to find a better gallery viewer for your site IMO. ;)

And I think the "Click to Enlarge" is plenty visible.

I'm not sure how easy it would be to find or install, but I think an image viewer similar to the one seen here:
would be better.

toxic273724d ago

Yeah, the gallery I currently have now is an old one that I kept on my computer from one of my earlier sites. Before implementing that one in, I did lots of searching for some good photo gallery scripts (I'm not very skilled in that section of PHP yet).

I saw that one (along with many others on other sites that looked very, very similar to that) but I had trouble finding a free script for it.

I guess my current one will do until I come across one similar to the one you posted.

xTruthx3724d ago

That link doesn't want to work 4 me

soljah3724d ago

it looks like Sony is putting alot of developer backing into this title. i would hope united front games get full support from the likes of the ice team, naughty dog, santa monica, mm and gg to make this another exclusive Sony show piece for the ps3.

swiftshot933724d ago

Whats your point? I hope you dont think a next gen Mario kart is a bad thing. Mixed with LBP customization and online features and we have an automatic winner.

Polluted3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

Even if it is a Mario Kart clone, if it can even come close to being as fun as Mario Kart, then I'm in.

So anyone see the screens? Is it badass? Won't load for me.

Edit: Oh, there it goes. Looks slick.

Bathyj3724d ago

Well Mariokart needs a good kick in the arse. It hasn't been good since the 64.

And yes I'm a huge MK fan, I've probably logged more hours on the SNES and 64 versions than any other game in my life.

40cal3724d ago

I did not expect the game to look that good considering its all built on the track editor, but that looks amazing.

Redempteur3724d ago

??? i got a proxy error ??

ANyway ..i have my beta code .. so when does the beta starts ???

can't wait ..

Godmars2903724d ago

Where did you get a beta code from?! When did they announce it?

How do I get one damn it!


Redempteur3724d ago

Little big planet game of the year edition ?

I'm ready to enter my code ..i'm waiting for the mail annoncing the beta start

sikbeta3723d ago

Mario Kart? NO!!... thankfully for Playstation gamers we don't have to see the same character everywhere in every game at every time in every generation

ModNation Racers = M kart + LBP

Mario kart < innovation:

Mario kart 64 -> N64
Mario kart double dash -> GC
Mario kart wii -> wii

INNOVATION > monotony = the same over and over again

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grantps33724d ago

i dont know why, but this game looks so cool. it is one of my most anticipated games.

badz1493724d ago

fall in love with the game since the E3 presentation! MUST BUY!

omc_033724d ago

reminds me of the good ol' mario kart days, i've been looking forward to a good 4 player splitscreen game

Mc Fadge3724d ago

The PS3 lacks some good ol' friendly local multiplayer games to play when the friends come around

Chnswdchldrn3724d ago

they took one of the best aspects of LBP (face it, racing is like one of the coolest things to do in lBP) and made a game out of it. nice

Redempteur3724d ago

i love to shoot things with teh paintinator too ..

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The story is too old to be commented.