Top 10 Break Out Indie Games of 2010 writes: "Indie Games don't get a lot of media attention. At least not from the big guys - IGN, GameSpot, Joystiq, Kotaku. However, every now and then an indie game will "break out" from obscurity and be fully recognized by the gaming press and the gaming masses. When all is said and done I'd say only about ten indie games a year are ever really discussed and played by people outside of the indie gaming culture. Which is a shame because so many great ones come out each year!

Anyways, games like Trine, Machinarium, and Torchlight were some of 2009's break out hits, but what about 2010? What do we have to look forward to for the upcoming year and what, if any, will get picked up by the mainstream press and the common gamer? Well, while we are no scientific analysts, here's our prediction of the top 10 break out indie titles for 2010."

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monkey6023733d ago

A few of them look awesome! Particularly Shank

Smacktard3732d ago

Can't wait for Super Meat Boy. I want to play challenging games again.

BacteriaEP3732d ago

There's another game out there that reminds me of Meat Boy.. It's called Runman: Race Around the World. Check it out.

3732d ago