Mario Party 8 Reviews - Really, Really Bad

The first reviews are in, and it's not looking good for one of Nintendo's oldest franchises. Back to the drawing board yet again, eh Nintendo?

One of the most disturbing things mentioned is that a lot of the time, the game is not even in widescreen. We can forgive Wii games for not having the greatest graphics, but the lack of widescreen is an obvious left-over from the game's origins on the GameCube. Heck, even some GameCube games managed to support widescreen.

IGN rated the game 5.2 out of 10. Gamespot were a little more generous, giving it a 6.5, but 1up shared IGN's sentiments, scoring the game a 5.5. In short, if you were looking for a reason to pick up a Wii console, Mario Party 8 isn't it.

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nice_cuppa4745d ago

The majority of wii owners dont know a good game from a bad game.

Every time i see my girl playing cooking mama with a big grin on her face i cry inside alittle.
I dread to think what this is going to do to the industry over the next few years !

Its scary !

ScorpioKyle4745d ago

yeah, my phone at work was ringing off the hook on tuesday of people asking if we got it in.

Close_Second4745d ago

...a heck of a lot of fun but you're always left wanting for more...that never seems to come. The games are often shallow and really only fun in a group setting.

The Wii is selling well now but what happens if/when the casual gamer it attracts out grows what the Wii can provide? I dare say if the PS3 had been half its price then the Wii would not have stood a chance as the PS3 is both a casual and hardcore gamer.

Uganda644745d ago

Yep. Wii games stopped being good since they stopped being Gamecube games released by Nintendo as Wii ports.
(Twilight Princess, Super Paper Mario. The latter of the two is questionable, which truly hits home to how much crap we can expect on Wii, and how much crap already exists in the form of a library.)

MK_Red4745d ago

Marion Party 8 looked to be the killer app of Wii (Its a Wii party game starring Mario). But I still believe MP8 is better than Wii Sports and Play combined.

silent ninja4745d ago

i gave up on nintendo after n64

omansteveo4745d ago

Same here Silent Ninja Nintendo knows all they have to do is crap in a bag and put Mario's face on it and they'll sell it

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The story is too old to be commented.