GameSetInterview: 'Localization Tactics Advance - Kajiya Productions on Translating Final Fantasy'

At the most recent Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, Kajiya Productions gave a presentation on their work localizing Japanese games into English. Operated by Alexander O. Smith and Joseph Reeder, the two translators have also worked in novels, manga, and anime.

The team is perhaps best known for having had a hand at various times in bringing to life the English-language dialog of such Yasumi Matsuno-inspired Square Enix titles as Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions.

In this interview, the writers offer their insights into the advantages of paving an independent course as freelancers, having previously worked in-house at the Tokyo-based Final Fantasy developer. The discussion delves into the evolution of the Square localization strategy, from early days of the Playstation console.

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