Silent Hill 5 interview ... if PS3 sells, it could be exclusive

Finally, it looks like Silent Hill 5 is bursting forth from the loins of Konami and scaring the bejeezus out of people. No, we don't have any screenshots and yes, we made all of that up, but we do have an interview with one of the creative minds behind the game. Masashi Tsuboyama, chief director, answers some questions in the latest Electric Shock magazine.

Go to the site for the points of interest and the rest of the article.

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ErcsYou4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

konami and sony .... building hype together

@ sevir04... i meant this in a good way. im happy that konami is thinking excusives. they have been so hush hush lately that it seems like sony is laying down the law..

Sevir044572d ago

team ninja, and square , and free radical, Ubi, and EA. so go figure dude, developers are seeing it's power and though it's a hard to work for, the learning curve after it's been clears shows incredible feats. Haze, and Ninja Gaiden Sigma to show what i mean...

but enough i'm not here to SH5 wont stand againt RE5 so i'll just put that out, i'd still like to see what they are gonna look like

THWIP4572d ago

Well , we might as well chalk it up as multiplatform then. :/

bung tickler4572d ago

i actually laughed at that, out loud. "+" bubble for you sir.

nice_cuppa4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )


if your game is exclusive just say it is and move on.....
i hate this cheap alternative hype generation pap !

WOW LOOKS LIKE SOMEONE LIKES IT !?!?!?........................ ........?

jwatt4572d ago

The ps3 better get the selling. I'm actually going to buy my ps3 after I get done with the Halo beta which is sometime in June.

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The story is too old to be commented.