The Top 7 Tasteful Game Heroines

Like comic books and movies, videogames tend to present an exaggerated representation of men and women. Dudes are typically muscle-bound meatheads with powerful jaw lines and a thorough understanding of all forms of combat, while women generally have back-breaking chests and dress like strippers regardless of their profession.

Lara Croft, for example, is a world-famous icon that carries an entire franchise. She's smart, tough and more capable than the men she's pitted against, yet still goes spelunking in skin-tight belly shirts and shorts too small for a fifth grader. Where are the female leads with a sliver of believability or appropriate clothes? Few and far between, it seems. But that makes these seven standout portrayals all the more important.

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NateNater3732d ago

Nariko from Heavenly Sword should be on that list

monkey6023732d ago

Knew before clicking the link that Zoey, Alyx and Faith would be in there. They deserve to be.