NFS Shift shifts 2.5 million

TVGB: "EA is releasing their Q2 results today and within come lots of interesting tidbits of news, as these things always do. Among them is the sales numbers for Need for Speed: Shift, which has proven to do quite well for the company - 2.5 million copies sold and counting kind of well."

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DonCorneo3723d ago

m$ needs to bundle it now or else it will truly become.. the definitive flop of this generation

wohoo3722d ago

0.67mil isn't too bad considering it's been out for just a few weeks and the holiday season is yet to come.

Mista T3723d ago

to all MS d!k suckerz :P

NateNater3723d ago

NFS:S sells 2.5 million copies, EA will lay off 1,500 workers by 2010, and EA acquires Playfish. Anything else EA?

green-cigarettes 3723d ago

Well... This was a really good game so they deserved it

3722d ago
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