9.0 Modern Warfare 2 Review

But will that to the brilliant predecessor to overtake? FIt is clear: The excellent quality of modern warfare makes it difficult to successors who meet expectations placed in him. The fans want again a playful, content and graphic revolution. And no, Infinity Ward can not completely meet these. The campaign does provide some first-class missions, a little more length and absolute voltage, but it is directed not so stylistically like the first part. VPerhaps it dulls all the superlatives at something. Perhaps even more bombastic and more flexible campaign in the current generation is not possible. In any case, some outstanding missions from the first part of a permanent and lasting impression left behind.

And the multiplayer stagnation reigns on high level. The system has proven a useful supplement, improved in detail and almost perfectly balanced. The end result is any better than they at first seem. Before long, the craving arises again after new weapons, equipment and skills. Unfair posts were ironed out, the tactical depth increases and strengthens the identification of players by emblems.Only on individual outfits, clan support, and vehicle combat you must still do without. Still, the multiplayer mode of Modern Warfare 2 is the measure of all things, even if the PC gamers with Esport ambitions to buy given the lack of mod and server should consider carefully support.

To be of critical point, consider again a 9, but the Spec-Ops mode. Not because it is exceptionally well made, but because he is the campaign and the multiplayer VS. excellent complement. The many exciting missions with some unique co-op moments in the end still have me convinced. The forerunner may well have been groundbreaking, but Modern Warfare 2 away from the moral debate once again delivers a unique package of a brilliantly orchestrated campaign, an unbeatable and a refreshing multiplayer mission mode. That's enough. This time.

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DonCorneo3724d ago

come on, where are the perfect scores

BYE3724d ago

5 hours of gameplay is worth a perfect score to you?

NecrumSlavery3724d ago

I suspect lots of 5/5s and 9/10s.

This game is short and focuses on the MP, has unimproved graphics, etc. (Halo 3-like), maybe. I am not a huge fan of floaty gun shooters, but I think this will have enough new content to justify itself. It seems to do a lot to hype itself, and of course it's COD, so people will buy it regardless. To avoid getting a bunch of you mooseknuckle 360 nerds to actually agree with me, I'll say that the PS3 is the only way to play this game. Being the runner-up behind Killzone 2(The greatest shooter of this gen, until R3 or KZ3....maybe Crysis 2)

ambientFLIER3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

There you idiots go again, commenting on the campaign length as a negative. I'd much rather have 5 straight hours of an amazing experience than 10 hours of boring and repetitive bs, like many other games. It's all about quantity over quality for you, eh? Killzone 2 can be beat in the same amount of time, so does that game suck too?

"has unimproved graphics"

Hmm...who do I believe? Some retarded fanboy, or about 10 major reviews that mention how nice they look and all the improvements??? Hmm, tough choice!

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DigitalAnalog3724d ago

The same website that gave ODST a 9 and you're still surprised?

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