IGN: EA Sports MMA First Look Preview

IGN: "There's been quite a lot of controversy surrounding EA Sports' first entry into the mixed martial arts (MMA) gaming space. Dana White, the head of UFC, has been very outspoken about EA's first MMA offering, reportedly saying that any fighter who appears in the game will be banned from UFC for life and speaking out against EA Sports for doubting the legitimacy of MMA when White pitched the company on a UFC game years ago.

The combat in EA Sports MMA is all handled by a heavily modified version of the Fight Night Round 4 engine. EA Sports' Tiburon Studio has been working on the game for more than two years, but their building blocks for the striking began with FNR4 and then incorporated technology from many other EA Sports properties.

Expect to see realistic hit detection no matter where you strike your opponent. EA Sports is also putting a lot of effort into making sure that each of the bruisers in its game play as close to their real life counterpart as possible."

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