iPhone Review: Gravity Sling | The Portable Gamer

TPG writes: "Gravity Sling is one of the first games to launch with in-app DLC being the revenue generator. You get 15 levels for free, but have to pay for 30 new levels for only $0.99. We could have philosophical arguments about what this means for the App Store until we run out of bad metaphors to use, but it wouldn't mean anything unless the game is any good – thankfully, Gravity Sling is pretty fun."

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bgrundman3726d ago

I like this pricing model for games. I hope more utilize it.

wondroushippo3726d ago

Also, it could help with the App Store approval process, as games can now launch one singular version instead of separate full and lite versions.

bgrundman3726d ago

I do think that this can be a slipery slope for DLC pricing.

wondroushippo3726d ago

Y'know, it could be, but the App Store audience are notable cheapskates, so I don't think anyone that tries to rip them off will get very far.

roblef3726d ago

Free is WAY good, but I'm concerned that games may start to cost $10 again.