Cage: Rape can be tackled in videogames

ConnectedConsoles: Reality in videogames. It's been in the headlines many, many times. WIth the realistic storyline of Heavy Rain coming to the PlayStation 3 in 2010, more questions are going to be asked. David Cage had an interview with Eurogamer recently, and was asked if rape and paedophilia can be tackled in videogames.

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PhilipLarkin3727d ago

Ugh. The guy's an idiot. Let him do his rape game then =/

Fishy Fingers3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

Didn't bother to read the article/quote did you. Nobodies making a "rape game".

El_Colombiano3727d ago

OP is stupid.

Cage is a very bold man, I support that. I can't wait for his visions to be shown with Heavy Rain. People like Cage are what push the industry forward.

Heartnet3726d ago

tbh its a video game so i have no problem with rape.. but paedophilia shud not be mentioned in any game.. its wrong and rape is one thing but paedophilia is a hell of a lot worse