Hackers Smash 360 Lockout

Hackers smash Xbox lockout
Micoroft's blocked chipped Xbox 360s from its Live service, but hackers aren't taking it lying down, they've hacked their way in again.

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DJ4756d ago

MS just can't win with these people..

gta_cb4754d ago

yeh, but its the same with both MS and Sony.

take the PSP, they found a wounderful fw called 1.50 so with all the new PSPs coming out with the latest fw people like Dark_Alex keep making downgraders, and also with Sony releasing new features with the later fw like remote play etc. Dark_Alex also keep releasing custom fw.

which means people who have custom fw/fw 1.50 dont have to upgrade to Sonys latest fw which means piracy/homebrew becomes even stronger. but hey its business.

ErcsYou4756d ago

for every action their is a reaction.

gta_cb4754d ago

yep, i wounder what will happen come fall dashboard update.

IPlayGames4756d ago

Besides get credit card numbers and stuff like that how do they affect the gaming?

DJ4755d ago

for free...that's about it. Some get to use their pirated games on paid accounts and whatnot.

BIadestarX4755d ago

DJ... where do you get the "They play online for free"? Are you letting your @$$ do the talking.... again? So, far the only thing they can do is play backup copies and probably cheat on games like Halo 2.

gta_cb4754d ago

bladestar is correct, DJ.... well i dont think he has an Xbox 360 so i wouldnt listen to him anyway lol

IPlayGames4755d ago

Sounds cool i should learn

gta_cb4754d ago

yeh especially as when you take apart your Xbox 360 case you avoid your warrenty, then if your unlucky to break it/get red rings of death then you wont be getting it fixed.

vidoardes4755d ago

This is old news, posted yesterday I think. There seams to be alot of double-posted/totally unfounded news gettinf through latley... I'm begining to wonder if N4G needs tighter controls on what gets approved.

Anyways, back on topic, I actually think this is a good thing, for hackers and for MS. It forces MS to step up their game to try and combat this. I know it has always gone on, but this is much more public than it used to be, and it's forcing a reaction to strengthen security and software. Considering exploits in software aqnd hardware are usually how the hackers do this, and MS are forced to fix these exploits, it can only mean better, more reliabvle equipment and software for the comsumer. Let the battle continue!

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The story is too old to be commented.