What it feels like to be mistreated because you are a Sony fan.

The experience of being a cruel fanboy and how karma is a pain.

"As much as one like Sony and PlayStation for, well, everything they offer, the one thing that we have come to acknowledge is that people don't like Sony, and because of this, we as Sony fans, are downright mistreated in general. Just because we like a company for what they offer and for enjoying it, we are constantly insulted, mislabeled, and stereotyped, by the media and most of all, fanboys."

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snoop_dizzle4159d ago (Edited 4159d ago )

fan or fanboy?
there is a difference.

If you mean fan, i don't think you'd be mistreated.

If you are referring to fanboys,

uh i think you forgot Nintendo fanboys and Msoft fanboys.

All sides of fanboys attack each other, i see ti every day.
How do you think they felt last generation?

unless thats what you were referring to with karma.

Lord Anubis4159d ago (Edited 4159d ago )

I did not write the article.

uxo224159d ago (Edited 4159d ago )


nice_cuppa4159d ago (Edited 4159d ago )

wud wittle fanboy wike a cuddle ?

oooooooor bless !

pswii360 ftw !

Short_E4159d ago

just goes to show how sad and pathetic sony gaystation fans are

...woops dont cry now guys

warfed4159d ago

no we'll just make a petition to have you killed...

Razzy4159d ago

Damn. How old are you? 7? Brilliant comment.

End1ess4159d ago

warfed that was fantastic

popup4159d ago

Definition of a fanboy is someone who calls someone a fanboy.

You only have to look at the silly childish sarcastic comments to understand where the "boy" bit comes from.

It has no genre or side but it sure consumes alot of peoples lives, people who don't seem to spend enough time with their own interests.

This, I assume, involves actually playing games on consoles at some point in small intervals between the farting their mouths off at each other and stamping on each others toys for all the world to see?

gta_cb4158d ago

got to agree, warfed that was a brilliant comment.

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anonymousAJA4159d ago (Edited 4159d ago )

I am going to reserve this comment for later. :)

anonymousAJA4159d ago

Wow you 360 fans really show how understanding and non threatening you really are. You certainly don't act with agression, name calling, etc. Surely this person is mistaken then? Actually you just prove his point. You also attack the SPG and act like MS does not do similar type of activities. Isn't MS suppost to be spending big bucks on its viral marketing campain against Sony?

Now that is not to say that I have not seen Sony fans act the exact same way towards the 360 with insults, attacks and hatred. It certainly works both ways. Of course there are people who are not fanatical like this on both side who attempt to point out the misconceptions and lies. Of course this usually falls apon deaf ears because the people who make the attacks are not interested in truth or being fair. The agenda is to be hateful and get a response. You know take a cheap shot. Stir the pot.

The only way I see this ending is either for people to stop attacking and being fanatical or for people to simply ignore them completely when they do. Both are highly unlikely to occur.

As to what type of article is flamebait. I have seen pretty much every type of news trigger huge flamefests. The worse are actually credible game worthy news direct from a developer interview saying something positive about one console. This article is one persons personal perspective on the console wars. Its not saying anything bad about MS or Nintendo. Its talking about abuse from "fanboys" and how he dislike it. So for you guys complaining about it your then saying its ok to be like that as long as its for the right side? We should all be for this type of activity to end on all sides. Unfortunately it won't especially on a site like this because its not moderated. The worse that happens is you get to one bubble but you can still talk all the crap you like and then go back and edit and keep adding on for a long period of time.

If your just here for the news you don't ever have to look at the comments just go direct to the story that interested you. You also don't have to look at every article. Kills me when someone states I don't think this is news. Translation - This is news or information I am personally not interested in. Just because you don't like it does not mean everyone won't. Again check out the news that interests you and skip the rest instead of trying to force your personal preferences on everyone else.


Very true. Not to mention that the article only received 18 hits on the SPG website from actual readers (people who actually went to the article page on SPG to read it), whereas over here there were more people complaining about the article than those who actually read it on the SPG site.

chitown4159d ago

wow bro how do i put this... ur a complete douche bag. get a life u fu(kin pen!s face. honestly "gay station" how old r u?? honestly grow up and i think ur mama is calling. u need a diaper change

gta_cb4158d ago

haha good idea, i should do that on all threads i think i mite go and post on later =D lol. btw long second comment...

DrWan4159d ago

I thought the story was quite sad at the end.. i hope he finds Justin.

nice_cuppa4159d ago

you know making jokes.
talking trash.
having a laugh.

if you cant handle a bit of ribbing i suggest you block me !

and im sure most people here are the same.

the guy who wrote this article needs to get a clue.
there are options.
use them.

and stop moaning.

anonymousAJA4159d ago

Well maybe you should invent the sarcasm button for the keyboard. LMAO

nice_cuppa4159d ago

1 for adult posts and 1 for universal posts !

gta_cb4158d ago

yeh some people in here are like that, but not all unfortunately

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