Rumor: EA Guts Workforce After Big Playfish Buyout

Electronic Arts has taken the ax to hundreds of employees at locations in Burnaby, Orlando and San Francisco today, according to chatter from former EA employees, issuing layoffs the same day it confirms a buyout of social gaming publisher Playfish.

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Feral Gamer3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

I hope this is the beginning of the end for the evil empire.... They're worse than MS. All they do is buy smaller developers and force them to produce multi-plats which usually suck for us PS3 gamers.

tdrules3729d ago

do not joke about job layoffs for a second you dimwit

PandemicPrawn03729d ago

Very talented people will probably be let go during this round of layoffs.

I'm sure they will all find work with other developers.

I personally hope one or two new independent studios come out of this.

Still can't help but feel bad for those effected.

Feral Gamer3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

I said nothing about layoffs, just my dislike about EA. Get over it. The IT industry is always unstable, people should know that before getting into it. Layoffs suck but working for an evil company sucks even more. Funny thing is, all these smaller companies would have less costs if they weren't bought out. Maybe EA would only have to lay off a few dozen but no, they have to buy up more and more people/companies so they have to cut more. Business sucks, but it's the way the industry works.

woolley3729d ago

EA isn't as bad as they were. They have improved a lot imo.

Noctis Aftermath3729d ago

evil company? dude your stuck in 2006

SixTwoTwo3729d ago

This is terrible news. Mainly for all the people who lost their jobs but also because EA has been putting out some great games over the past year like Dead Space, Brutal Legend, and Dragon Age.

sikbeta3729d ago

Come on Guy!!!! WTF!!! we are talking about families here, not just a bunch of fired guys, layoffs are bad in every way possible

ReviewsArePolitics3729d ago

They've always had competition and now they have more competition than ever; they grew a lot because they knew what games to make and who to get allied with. If you want evil, go to Microsoft and Nintendo. Those two were monopolies at least once in their lifetime, and Microsoft still is. Sony also has intentions on monopolizing formats too, so it's not like any company is all good.

Anyway, I see EA has made great strides at least in terms of PR. 3-4 years ago the internet boards were filled with hate against EA, glad Activision is the new target lulz.

Ratchet_Co3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

Dude, not cool.

It's a bit sad to see layoffs in Blackbox (devs of NFS). I heard Shift was really good.

primordialmeme3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

"Anyway, I see EA has made great strides at least in terms of PR. 3-4 years ago the internet boards were filled with hate against EA, glad Activision is the new target lulz."

You said it. EA has done a lot of PR thats why they've reformed their image. They do pay professional people to praise them on the web including on N4G. But Mirrors Edge was underfunded, Dead Space is not original despite the propaganda they've fed you, and what else is there to praise about them? It is the same old EA. Oh thats so 2006? Your opinion is influenced by marketers. Not that most other big game companies are any better.

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PandemicPrawn03729d ago

I think I saw somewhere the the total number is something like 1500 jobs?

Thats probably enough to start another 3rd party studio.

Perhaps Microsoft Games Studios could use some extra hands in first party Xbox 360 development.

As long as Activision don't snap them up just to work on Guitar Hero 12 or something.

DarkArcani3729d ago

That's more than enough to start 4 good indie companies. If they have a good core team who works well together, and can make awesome fun games, then MS or Sony should support them and let them do their own thing. None of this stupid movie game crap that gets churned out by EA.

DRUDOG3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

Jeez, you both would have huge companies. 100 man teams could do a lot of work. Naughty Dog only employees approx. 100 workers. You could have 15 companies at that rate.

junk-3d3729d ago

Man, that really sucks. I wish the best to all of the people affected by the layoffs, especially with the holidays coming around the corner.

kingme713729d ago

Wonder if they could have held off until after the holidays.

wingman32x3729d ago

eh, another day, another company purchased by EA, I'm quite used to it tbh.

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