First 2 Videos of Guitar Hero III just finished up a Hands-on with Guitar Hero III. They also posted the first 2 videos. A user uploaded them to the website. Enjoy!

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consolecrusader4746d ago

the banwidth meter was going up the roof so i had to foward the link to videos to the youtube versions. guess guitar hero 3 is popular? lol

MK_Red4746d ago

WOw, thanks for the links GH ROCKS!

zonetrooper54746d ago

GH is fun but I just think they are milking the game for all its worth now, why don't they bring out GH3 for next year?

They have only just released GH2 for the Xbox 360 like a month ago.

RedSeven4745d ago

I've had Guitar Hero II since November 2006. I don't see that as any rush what so ever. Considering I have been playing the game close to a year. People kept asking me if I have ever played Guitar Hero when it came out on the Xbox360. I've been playing it since 2005. Where have you been? This is not a new game people.

sa_nick4746d ago

The games looking pretty good. How improved are the graphics compared to GH2 on the 360? I've only played it on ps2 and never seen the 360 version. Also, They're not milking it with the release of GH3... Guitar Hero 80's maybe. Plus GH2 has been out on ps2 for like 8 months or something, by the time GH3 is released it will have been around a year between them.

ItsDubC4746d ago

lol, your primary concern for improvement in the next GH is graphics? And to think, I thought GH's appeal was its interactive gameplay.

Weed4746d ago

When you actually play guitar hero the last thing you look at is graphics... Green blue yellow red orange zomg