Super Street Fighter II Turbo Remix First Look

Capcom has released the first official look at their remake of Super Street Fighter II Turbo on the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. Though it is only one simple image, it is far more detailed than the spec sheet released at Capcom's gamer day. According to Brian Dunn, Product Marketing Specialist, the image released is not a "concept piece", but rather is what the game will look like paused and with the backgrounds stripped away. It is a great look at just what is possible with 2D graphics on next gen consoles.

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ErcsYou4787d ago

ive been wanting a new streetfighter for years, this isnt exactly new but its a great start for a street fighter 4. this shot looks [email protected] amazing. this could definetly go somewhere ( mars matrix 2, marvel vs capcom hd remix), HD 2d games with next gen processing power.... come on capcom, bring back 2d figthers and shmups, we miss you

spacetoilet4787d ago

A REAL 2d fighter for the PS-Store, as opposed to Mortal Krapbat.
If they could retouch Capcom vs Snk 2 then I would be in heaven.

Quicksilva4787d ago



icechai4787d ago

Capcom is doing a great service in comparison to the rest of the VC world. Touchups of retro games for the next gen is what all companies should have done instead of giving us straight arcade and console ports!

MK_Red4787d ago

I'm really tired of all SF2 remakes/remixes/redux. Mortal Kombat moved on to 3D a long time ago. It wasn't perfect for MK but at least they DID move while SF is frozen in the past and kant move.

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The story is too old to be commented.