MEGamers: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Review

MEGamers writes: "Earlier this year, the Nobel Foundation preemptively gave Barack Obama a Nobel Peace Prize. We followed suit and gave Modern Warfare 2 our coveted "Game of the Month" title purely based on all the hype surrounding it, only to wait in wonder to see if our actions will make us look equally foolish. To our delight, Modern Warfare 2 has finally arrived and we can safely say, unlike Barack Obama's Nobel peace prize gaffe, this game deserves to be Game of the Year."

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NateNater3724d ago

9.9? Might as well just call it a 10

thedisagreefairy3724d ago

"this game deserves to be game of the year"

we'll see about that...

deadreckoning6663724d ago

Higher score than Killzone 2.