Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta Code Giveaway

PS University writes "Do you own a PlayStation 3? Are you looking forward to playing Battlefield Bad Company 2? Do you not want to wait until 2010 to do so? Great -- neither do we! Thankfully, we have 230 Beta Codes for the upcoming Battlefield Bad Company 2 beta which starts on November 19 and is exclusive to the PlayStation 3. We're giving these codes away to 230 of our readers."

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dkgshiz3722d ago

I would like a beta code.

Voozi3722d ago

;D Hey think I could get one off of yah

PshycoNinja3722d ago

You mind giving a poor man one of those beta keys? Please.

Noctis Aftermath3721d ago

with these beta codes i feel like i'm running towards something and it's only getting further away.

Anyone got a spare beta code PM me please.

PSN: NoctisVCloud

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DeHHagen3722d ago

I would really be happy if i had one of theese betas ;p

Derekvinyard133722d ago

this game does look badass tho destructible enviroments were amazing in the first one. blowing a house to hell is the coolest

WildArmed3722d ago

same. Cant wait to see how they improved that in BC2!
They said you could preorder n get the beta.. any one know what stores will be offering the beta? >.<

ZBlacktt3722d ago

I'm in on this list forsure! :)

pcgia3722d ago

PC never get's any beta testing, but I guess that would be because most PC games are ports now... wow, truly lame =(

TheIneffableBob3722d ago

Uh, there's a PC open beta coming in December.

pcgia3722d ago

ahh ok, sorry. Jumped the gun.

I read that originally, then read another one that PS3 is EXCLUSIVE (this one says that too) so I thought there was a change of plans WHICH would not surprise me.

I'm happy again =), I did sign up for it and picked PC as the platform, but agian that coulda changed at any minute.

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