IncGamers: LotRO Siege of Mirkwood Preview

IncGamers' Nick Cowen takes a look at the upcoming Siege of Mirkwood expansion for The Lord of the Rings Online.

From the preview:

"It may sound odd to have an 'emphasis on fun' as a main factor in the escalation of a war, but that was apparently the key aim for Turbine when it set about creating the latest expansion for its excellent Lord Of The Rings Online MMO. According to Turbine producer Jeffrey Steefel, the Siege Of Mirkwood, which is scheduled to drop 3 December, one of the areas the developer focused on was cutting away at anything that stood in the way of 'instantly enjoying' the MMO."

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thetamer3726d ago

I'd like to milk your wood

Fyzzu3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

MIRKwood, not MILKwood. Illiteracy strikes the internet again, I see.

Leord3726d ago

He's doing a bad homosexual (or at least sexual, if it's a she) innuendo, nothing to do with spelling...

Leord3726d ago

Fortunately LotRO isn't a war, but an MMO =)

Maticus3726d ago

Lotro has always been big on fun IMO. Others don't always agree though :P

Redrudy3726d ago

The addition of the skirmish system will please a lot of players.