Goverment Netherlands want to ban Modern Warfare 2

PSFocus writes: "It was expected, the moral crusaders of the goverment in the Netherlands want to interfere with Modern Warfare 2. They run a little behind, but today MP Joop Atsma of the CDA found out that Modern Warfare 2 contains a scene in which you can shoot citizens while playing as terrorists. Joop Atsma finds this a horrible scene."

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NateNater3723d ago

Someone from the comments section on the site said this, "A film does not get evaluated for 1 scene. In addition there 18 + on the cover of the game."

I like his point. Why should games be under so much controversy when films do the same thing or even sometimes worse? There is a rating system. This alone should be enough to tell people that it has content that isn't appropriate for everyone. There really is no need to ban such a thing. Furthermore, the scene in MW2 can be skipped if one wishes to not view it.

JeffGUNZ3723d ago

I agree, if their is a terroist attack in the future, watch some media outlets blame this game. It's a scapegoat, that's what the media thinks video games are. It's frustrating and annoying. On Fox last season, the show 24 kidnapped the president and exposed nukes the American soil. No controversy. It's because video games are the scapegoat for anything that goes wrong.

evrfighter3723d ago

it can be argued that it's different because on end you're watching it happen. On the other end you're the one actually "pulling the trigger" so to speak.

ExgamerLegends23723d ago

A hardcore gamer will defend a good game til the end, and thats fine. But with 9/11 and all our soldiers dieing everyday in this war on terror you'd think ppl would be a little sensitive or at least considerate about this. I said this once before and I'll say it again. I will never...EVER play a game where I go around shooting unarmed defenseless people for no reason. That's a cowards game. And I realize that it's just one part in the game but it's a part that shouldn't be added at all. I don't even see how someone could consider that fun. I was probably not gonna get MW2 in the first place, but now I'm pretty sure.

Automat3723d ago

i killed some civilians in GTA IV once....