AppSmile Review: Cliffed

AppSmile writes: "Cliffed, IUGO Mobile Entertainment's Falldown-style online multiplayer game, has been released in the app store. Boasting frantic gameplay and a whimsical graphic style, this frustratingly fun app will leave your thumbs sore and your head spinning.

Many games in the app store share the same basic gameplay idea as Cliffed: go as high or low as possible before the scrolling board catches up to you. The hook behind Cliffed is that you are competing against up to three opponents in real time as you try to be the first to reach the 1000th platform or the last to get Cliffed. There are two gameplay modes: Single Player and Multiplayer, but to be honest, single player is more of a practice mode for the multiplayer sessions, which are the bread and butter of this game. Of course, single player is necessary to unlock the alternate characters in the game, of which there are 13 total. For each subsequent Speed Up sign that you receive, you unlock another character. The last character is unlocked by receiving 20 VIP points, which ties in with IUGO's VIP referral system. The characters are varied and whimsical. No one seems to hold any advantage over another in terms of skill, speed, etc."

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