appVersity Review: Alice in Bomberland

appVersity writes: "Alice in Bomberland is a simple game that brings a new spin to the classical stories and characters from Alice in Wonderland where the objective is to collect the missing pages of her story as she tries to outlast the explosive attacks of the fantasy world that is Bomberland.

The games 8 unique stages all are hand drawn by Mark Meyers an acclaimed children book illustrator and it shows. The graphics are one of the games major draws. I particular liked the animations when you eat the Hukkah power-up.

While the game offers 48 levels with various backgrounds, and different objects that try to blow Alice up, the goal is always the same. Avoid whatever is coming at you. If you get hit, you lose points, and if you grab certain objects (missing pages for example) you gain points. Whether you be falling down the hole, or jumping around, it's always the same game of dodge…it's just a matter of did you get enough points to beat the level."

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