Sin City: The Game in the works

Many fans have read the comics, even more fans have watched the movie, and now it's time to bring Sin City to video games! If you're one of the many Sin City fanatics who has dreamed of playing the storyline in a interactive unique way or just want to see Jessica Alba dancing around as a video game character then this might be your day.

Red Mile Entertainment has exclusively obtained a multi-year worldwide contract to start publishing games based upon the comic book series of Sin City. The financial details of the agreement were not disclosed for media concerns. Red Mile Entertainment is known for making "Heroes of the Pacific" and has "Jackass: The Game" in the works as well.

For those who don't know what Sin City is, the comic series was created by Frank Miller. The story of the series takes place in Basin City--otherwise known as Sin City where crime rates are at their highest and cops have to wear full body amour. With this at hand the characters develop their own way of taking care of crime. A movie was made based on the comic book series directed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller starring Bruce Willis and Jessica Alba.

When Miller was asked to comment on the whole deal he replied: "Taking Sin City into the world of video games is very exciting -- games offer a whole new way to bring audiences into Sin City, The Red Mile team has impressed me with its dedication to creating Sin City video games that will remain true to Sin City as I've always seen it."

There is not yet a official launch date confirmed for Sin City: The Game but it's a good guess that it will hit store shelves around the same time of Sin City 2 hitting theatres.

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timmyp534582d ago

i proposed this idea when i first saw that great movie and was even more convinced something would come out like that when i saw Sabatoeur.. when me and my friend first was talking about sabateor for the Playstation 3 and xb360 we agreed that the sin city* style was very kool.

BitbyDeath4582d ago

It'd be intersting on how this one turns out the movie rocks!

Rhezin4582d ago

Oh no why can't starbreeze take this game over they'd do so much better ,making a comic into a game. If they screw sin city up im gonna be pissed