15 Retro Games for the Wii You Must Play

One of the Nintendo Wii's key features will be access to a massive game library of titles from yesteryear. The Wii unit can play GameCube discs, but titles from the NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, and even TurboGrafx will be available via Virtual Console service. So far, Nintendo, Sega, and Hudson have pledged titles that will be available for play, with other companies sure to sign on before launch. Here are 15 titles that should be available and are worth a brief trip back in time.

kingboy6169d ago

killer insticnts baby!! combo time!!

bung tickler6169d ago

the game im most looking forward to is earthbound for the snes and another game i used to play alot was legend of the mystical ninja on the snes...

Dick Jones6169d ago

Gamepro should know better.