Ex-clusives: The ones that got away

Should you believe internet rumour, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is, allegedly, coming to Xbox 360 in 2008. Even though producer extraordinaire Hideo Kojima once stated that MGS was a PlayStation franchise, often-irreverent weblog Destuctoid claims that Snake will slither onto 360 after a delayed 'exclusive' period.

Destructoid published the revelations over the weekend, and were immediately ordered to 'cease and desist' telling everyone about it. Which, of course, suggests that it's either utterly false or all too true, and PS3 is down one more apparently exclusive game.

Though, honestly, labelling a game 'exclusive' means nothing these days. Just look at this gang of liberal-minded videogames, initially revealed as one-console titles before being outed as multiplatform trollops.

Read on for the full list of games...

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FeralPhoenix4162d ago (Edited 4162d ago )

Honestly, this MGS4 rumor is brought up so much, Konami should have a prepared press release statement saying: "The rumor is wrong and there's no way in hell it will be on the 360!" -OR, "Sony already paid us for exclusive rights, forever....and it cost them their first born too." [insert evil laugh here], [insert 360 fanboys crying]. Now seriously, all Konami has to do is deny it...-again.

This article does have alot of other stuff related to lost exclusives.

[Edit]vvvv yeah timmyp53, I think you're right about that...I think FF will won't come to 360, just because I think Konami will always lean towards Sony, but I think I remember Konami saying something like they didn't want to support Sony only too much this gen(I can't remember exact wording), which I really didn't believe them at the its starting to seem more likely that they will give M$ some real love and bring MGS4 over to the 360.(business) -Unless they emphatically deny it soon.

wildcat4162d ago

I think it was Square Enix that said they didn't want to support one console too much. I believe they said something about how they didn't want one console to dominate again.

But I hope Konami/Kojima releases some sort of statement either denying or confirming MGS4's exclusiveness, I'm tired of this rumor floating around. Although if it were to come to the 360, I don't think they'd announce it until after they released it for the PS3.

timmyp534162d ago (Edited 4162d ago )

everyone knows when they said that they were talking about the mobile phone ds psp and ps2

BubblesDAVERAGE4162d ago

Name one besides DMC...and that series has beeen going no where since the first one.....

Xi4162d ago (Edited 4162d ago )

both of the koei(sp) games?(i think one was fatal inertia) gundam mousu(sp), we could argue for assassins creed. VF5.

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The story is too old to be commented.