Eurogamer: Eurogamer Expo: Top 10

Eurogamer writes: "The Eurogamer Expo is long over, and once again we must say thanks to everyone who attended and especially to anyone who took the time to fill out the exit survey online, which helps us to figure out what we can improve on next time.

The other thing the exit survey does, of course, is allow us to work out which were the most popular games of the Expo. Last year the winner was Mirror's Edge - a sign of your cultured palate. Read on to find out which game won out for 2009."

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himdeel3723d ago

...don't want to click them anymore :(

Foliage3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

3 PS3 Exclusives (Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain [2nd on list], God of War 3 [1st by a mile])

1 Wii Exclusive (New Super Mario Bros. Wii [7th])

No 360 Exclusives

And a bunch of multiplatform games (L4D2, Ass Creed 2, Split/Second, Aliens vs Predator, Battlefield 2, Mass Effect 2)

DonCorneo3723d ago

2. Heavy Rain

the rest are trash