What is the real failure rate of the Xbox 360?

From The Guardian:
"We asked Game, one of the largest console retailers in the UK. "That's not information we're able to give out. It's commercially sensitive," it said. As for Microsoft, in the early days after the console's 2005 launch it claimed that failure rates were no higher than an industry average of between 3% and 5%. That now seems wildly optimistic.
Last month, its vice-president of entertainment, Peter Moore, refused to answer the question, telling the Mercury News: "I can't comment on failure rates." According to Moore...

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snoop_dizzle4576d ago

i wont discount peoples issues, but in my are of upstate NY neither I or any of my friends have had issues.

Could it be possible that certain factories are responsible if thats possible?

I don't know, but i'm sure its a fair question to ask.

dantesparda4576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

This is not no fanboy bullsh!t. My Xbox 360 just broke, it froze a couple of times and then it red ringed of death! and now i am out of warranty cuz i bought it on launch day (and mind you, this is my second 360 cuz the first one broke too). And now MS is asking for $139 for repair. What can i do to get it replaced and not pay. Cuz i am not going to pay! the system is not even 2 years old (heck this is a newer system than the original launch system that i bought, so its a little over a year old. UGH! i dont fvcking believe this. This is BS! Someone said buy it at Walmart and replace it there. Do they even check the serial no.'s there? Where the fvck is the nearest Walmart now, ugh!

InMyOpinion4575d ago

Stop bs'ing, everyone knows you are a diehard Ps3 fanboy and that you've never owned a 360.

gta_cb4574d ago

that sucks.

and yeh i know what your on about someone (not saying who) said that he brought an Xbox 360 from Wal-Mart and then without making it obvious remove the void label (with a very sharp razor blade (i think) and then remove EVERYTHING that is in the cases and swap them around. he didnt say to just put your in the case and take is back etc. and that way even if they did check the serial it will be the same one as you swapped the insides not the case which holds the serial.

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smokeandapancake4576d ago

Has anyone seen my dead horse?

uxo224576d ago

I beleive Jebissaveme stole him from your barn is rode it up to N4G. Because he wanted some post points.

Lord Anubis4576d ago

Did your dead horse happen to be wearing a towel?

bung tickler4576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

im on my third, thats what walmart is for, just buy another one, swap your hard drive and return the crappy one. total down time about 30 min. its almost kinda nice in a way i keep getting newer and newer versions and i always swap my worst worn controller for the new one.

@made below, well you would think that, and like i said many consumers are plain dumb, but i have mine sitting on a glass shelf with no doors and room to breath and still im on my third, now my roommate he has his in a closed entertainment center along with a dvr box that gets pretty hot and he is still on his launch system, it is a little buggy the picture jitters now and then watching movies but otherwise his is working great. ehh, who knows. i just have worse luck than he does.

i wish i had more bubbles and could respond directly but certain fanboys dont like when i tell them truthful things.

JPomper4576d ago

Do you have to give them a reason when returning it? Mine just bricked and I'm going to try this.

bung tickler4576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

yeah you say "it doesn't work. i want my money back." they say "do you want to exchange it" you say "no thanks i don't think i want something that breaks this easy" but you have already swaped the good one... hehehe

p.s. some walmarts are better than other with their returns, but since you are buying it and returning it like 24 hours later most never ask any questions. hell i had one friend who got his at best buy and he had lost his receipt and best buy told him to fvck off so he just took it to walmart and said he bought it there but he lost the receipt and they let him exchange it AND swap his HDD right there in the store.

JPomper4575d ago

So Walmart doesn't scan serials?

sonarus4576d ago

Well i speculate at least 1 in 5 because i only have 1 friend who hasnt had a problem with his

BitbyDeath4576d ago

Meh, Microsoft will never give out the real numbers for this.
It's like asking a women how many people they've slept with :
you may be curious but when you hear the results you wish you didn't ask

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