Modern Warfare 2 preorders top 4.5 million worldwide

Final Modern Warfare 2 preorders are over 4.5 million units worldwide - will tomorrow mark the biggest entertainment launch in history?

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bmw693723d ago

This game is going to be huge

Gen0ne3722d ago

so much for the boycott huh?

Braineater24483723d ago

I do believe this is the highest number of preorders a game has ever had. Beating out any GTA game, any Halo game, etc.

Koblec3723d ago

Yep, 4.5 million preorders they don't deserve

SprSynJn3723d ago

Boggles the mind why people love this series so much. Mediocre at best.

mrblacknut3723d ago

Boggles the mind how people who don't care for the game or series finds time to comment more on the game or series than the actual games(if any) they claim to play.

Ravage273722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

why should IW bother to push the visuals and gameplay to a new level if all it takes to sell bazillions are new skins,weapons and perks and more importantly, twice the marketing? Majority of gamers have proven time and time again that they are dumb sheeps, and when the price of game increases in the not-so-distant future those same fools will be complaining.

Anyway, this are VG estimates, just saying :/
The last time, they claimed odst broke 2million day one worldwide, now we know that is BS, it has sold 1.8m to date.

mw2 is ,sadly, still going to sell a LOT and i wonder once again, what have IW and Activision done to deserve those sales? Had all those people watched the latest BFBC2 vid or experienced the epic scale of MAG, those numbers would have been halved easily :/

yoghurt3723d ago

Great game, and I am getting it, but this game seriously has the Halo effect, there are alot better games out there - amazing what hype/marketing can do

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The story is too old to be commented.