GamersTemple: Brutal Legend Review

GamersTemple writes: "Brutal Legend is not the best action game I've ever played. In fact, on the basis of gameplay alone, I wouldn't even rank it as one of the better games I've played this year. The open world has too much open and not enough world, the racing aspects are pretty average, and the fighting action is standard stuff. And yet ... it's a lot of fun to play. Before I get into why that's the case, I need to make the disclaimer that if you have a dislike for Jack Black, classic metal, or cheesy humor, then you probably won't find it to be quite as much fun – especially so if you find Jack Black to be annoying, because, well there's a lot of Jack Black being Jack Black in this game ... well, at least a buffed out metal-god version of the doughboyish actor anyway. The whole thing is simply a crazy, cheesy diversion that you simply roll with, not really minding the repetitive battles, and having a great time along the way."

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