College News reviews: LEGO Rock Band

"LEGO: Rock Band feels more like an standalone track pack than a full fledged video game. The LEGO inspired graphics are a really nice touch that capture Traveler's Tale's trademark humor and charm, but that's one of the few things the game has going for it. Most of the new gameplay features are pretty pointless, and the exclusion of online multiplayer is mind boggling. To its credit, LEGO: Rock Band does have a nice soundtrack that offers a lot of variety. However, even if you really dig the song selection, paying $50 (potentially $60) for 45 new songs is a bit steep.

LEGO: Rock Band is still definitely a fun game (mostly because it's more or less exactly like Rock Band 2 with a different soundtrack and a new coat of paint), but it's hardly the most impressive addition to the series. "

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