Xbox 360 sales increase 400% at Walmart following Gift Card promo

WalMart saw sales increase over 400% week on week due to one day of $100 Gift Card promotion

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The-Warranty3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Lulz. Vgchartz.

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Greywulf3733d ago

people buy it more?


How about having a 400% increase with *just* a price drop MS?

Ju3733d ago

Lulz. Walmart. Who would have though, huh ?

JOLLY13733d ago

Like they did when they went from $400 Elite to $300 elite? Welcome to a couple months ago.

StanLee3733d ago

It was only 10 per store so how would it have that dramatic an effect?

otherZinc3733d ago

June of 08, MGS 4, released as a pack-in & Wal-mart gave customers a $100 gift card for the purchase of a PS3 with or without MGS 4 as a pack-in.

That's a $160 value.

O2_Addict3733d ago

A $129 Arcade might even outsell the Wii for a few months.

ABizzel13733d ago

@ Stanlee

True. Some Wal-Mart's got more some got less. But there are a lot of Wal-Marts (Wal-Mart is global). So if they all sold 10 then that's a pretty big number still. They probably sold close to 200k systems in the US alone.

nycredude3733d ago

In other news, global cases of people with HIV increases since prostitution became free!

Come on already with the BS news.

-Seven-3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

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Lifendz3732d ago

great news for MS. That was a heck of a deal. I can't wait to see what Black Friday brings. Kudos to all that picked up a 360.

ReBurn3732d ago

Funny how vgchartz is a reliable source of information when it comes to good news for the PS3. But for the Wii or 360 we get "lulz vgchartz"

Lekumkee3732d ago

"Preliminary VGChartz estimates" - LMFAO!!!

rockleex3732d ago

Whether they offer good or bad PS3 news.

By the way, is it 400% increase for just Walmart? It would make more sense.

We'll see how much effect it had on the weekly sales.

sikbeta3732d ago

Why they just cut the price, they are fooling around with this promotions and the rebate from last month

11 360s and counting3732d ago

the likelihood of house fires has just risen by 400%

shawnsl653732d ago

Wal-Mart should have this promotion for the Wii and the PS3 next. My garage is stuffed with their 360 deals waiting to be delivered on ebay. Now if those 2 consoles also gets this treatment.. Merry Christmas to me~

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YLOD Service Tech3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

The 150k lead done with the hype of the PS3 Slim and price cut is no more. 360 will outsell that TurdStation 3 this year.

cliffbo3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

at least the PS3 worldwide sales won't be quite as far ahead this week. this certainly shows the value of the 360

kenjix3733d ago

Any Higher and it's not worth purchasing. LOL

In essence you have to pay people to buy a 360 LOL!

ReviewsArePolitics3733d ago

bu bu bu.... I got out of things to say in favor of 360!!!

ChrisW3732d ago

Dude seriously! You either have a horrible speech impediment, or you're just retarded!

4point7BillionLoss3732d ago

for $99 xbox is profitable.

2000% increase in sales for $299 ps3 is NOT profitable ... just adding to the $4.7 billion loss ... it's probably over $5 billion already ....

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Sevir043733d ago

you figure there is about 1500 stores in NA and this was for NA alone i'd say this did a good job. that day alone they sold an average of 22500 units. that isn't bad but in the end it really wont ake a difference till black friday rolls around. by then i'm sure both Companies will have sold plenty xbox and PS3's around that time.

bmw693733d ago

Try around 25 per store sold and 3600 stores...

DaKid3733d ago

This is kind of cool, it shows walmarts growth up till 2006 http://projects.flowingdata... As of 2006 there were nearly 3200 walmarts in the states

Ju3733d ago

That sale generated >50% of the overall weekly sales for the 360 (90k Walmart vs 170k total).

Wolverick3732d ago

Not all WalMart stores had 15. I went to get one Saturday morning and there were only 4 available for our entire store. I got there at 7:30 and was about 24th in line. Needless to say, shoulda slept in. Grr my 360 launch model E74'd 2 weeks ago. That's ok though, Uncharted 2 and MW2 will keep my mind off not having one.

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Braineater24483733d ago

WalMart is so powerful. 0_0