GamingHeaven: Torchlight Review

GamingHeaven writes: "Are you a fan of Diablo? Do you long for days when games didn't need to have DX11 effects and cutting edge engine technology to win you over? Torchlight might be the answer to your prayers, because it focuses entirely on gameplay and puts a twisted yet very interesting slant on the 'Diablo' genre.

When I say 'twisted' above, I really mean it. In Torchlight, the boundaries of your typical fantasy game are thrown out the window. Your dog can summon zombies, you can fire lasers from your hands, you can send your cat to sell goods to the nearest merchant. In the short time Torchlight has been available it has been the talking point of many a PC gamer online and rightfully so - it is such an immensely gratifying game. Diablo fans have been waiting a long time for Part III so this certainly will sate their fantasy glands short term."

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