Dragon Age: Origins - Review (PlanetXbox360)

From the PlanetXbox360 feature review:

"The story is a familiar one, culled from the tales of Middle-Earth, Christianity, and even BioWare's previous works. Driven by power and greed, mankind awakened the grotesque forms of the Darkspawn, and only the Grey Wardens were able to thwart the ensuing Blight. Four centuries have passed. The Darkspawn have become folk-tales, and the Grey Wardens, forgotten relics. The signs of another Blight cannot be ignored and, as in all circumstances of human tragedy, there are those who would bend their kin's misfortune to reap the benefits. You are the newest conscript of the Grey Wardens, tasked with stemming the flow of Darkspawn and uniting Ferelden as it falls into civil war. Dragon Age: Origins can't boast the decadent array of options witnessed in Bethesda's RPGs, nor does it limit you to the 'orphan with a single path to greatness' approach made famous by Square Enix. This is a world in need of soldiers, not emo-fashionistas. You choose your race – elf, human, or dwarf – and your class – warrior, rogue, or mage."

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UltimaEnder3727d ago

I have to agree with the reviewer 100%, may have scored it a tad-bit lower but still loved the game - great job Bioware and can't wait for Mass Effect 2!!!!

Valkyrie833727d ago

I couldn't really get into the story but also can't wait for Mass Effect 2 - hoping to play it sometime soon...

Highwayman3727d ago

I absolutely love Dragon Age, it's good to see the consoles getting good reviews. I have the PC version, myself. Excellent game!