PS3, the Newest Appliance?

When the news first started surfacing that some vendors were touting the Sony Playstation 3 as a networked server device, my first reaction was, "Why the hell would anyone want to do that?"

But like those Ginsu knife commercials on late-night cable TV, the more I heard about it, the more sense it started to make. After all, it uses a 64-bit Cell processor running at 3.2 GHz and sports 256 MB of main memory. That puts it at the level of a G5 PowerMac, which makes it a nifty little appliance.

But can even the most killer gaming system really play a useful role in the enterprise?

A German company called Helios thinks so. It just released a customized PS3 version of Linux that is powerful enough to run the Helios UB enterprise server, formerly reserved for the likes of the IBM Blade Server and Xserve. It achieved this feat using a stripped-down version of Yellow Dog Linux that provides extremely low overhead while still offering things like Java 1.5 and enhanced AppleTalk.

Already, there's a smattering of PS3s in professional settings. The University of Tennessee's Innovative Computing Laboratory, for one, has a four-system cluster offering 600 gigaflops at a cost of about $2,400. And Stanford University has networked more than 30,000 PS3s to crunch numbers when the gamer is idle.

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Covenant4747d ago

Isn't it already a grill? :)

alsef074746d ago

yup heres the vid to prove it

bootsielon4746d ago

I thought you needed a towel to prevent something from "grilling" ;)

By the way, there's a new Custom made Halo 3 towelette, go to

alsef074746d ago

no no no, we need grill, remeber, ps3 = appliance
dont be silly

Covenant4746d ago

Interesting that alsef and I both got negative votes for joking comments that were intended in good fun. I bear no particular ill will towards the PS3...I just remember the funny pics that circulated the Net of the PS3 as a George Foreman-type grill. All in good fun.

Hell hath no fury like a fanboy scorned, I suppose.

Weed4746d ago

I wish my ps3 was cool enough to do that.

SmokeyMcBear4746d ago

haha... nice grill they made up, but i would have looked nicer with the chrome trim, should've used the 60 GB model.. the cheap bastards

You know whats even funnier? The 360 doesnt even need to be modded to cook some steaks, just be playing gears for about half an hour, its pre heated and ready to cook.

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VirtualGamer4747d ago

I saw this earlier and did not read it through far enough I guess. I was under the impression that Helious was just a flavor of Linux but its actually server software running on YDL. Be interesting to see what comes from efforts like this.

Leathersoup4746d ago

Appliances serve a purpose! ;)