Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time - ZTGD Review

Cat writes: There are few things better than an indie game, and I delight in forays into the unexpected, yet here I am loving every inch of Ratchet and Clank which is, well, expected. Ratchet and Clank adheres to certain rules like a wacky universe, goofy monsters, and weapons that are equal parts doom harbinger and harlequin. A Crack in Time effectively does everything Ratchet fans demand from an action platformer, and more, with a dash of open world and whole lot of revolutionary notions of "sidekick". That's what A Crack in Time is about really, challenging your perceptions of Clank, and what that means for "Ratchet and Clank".

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meepmoopmeep3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

i'm stuck in Axion City, i can't find that old Lombax

one of the aliens said he went to the Spaceport, i went there, looked around and can't find him.

Cat3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

If you've completed the tasks in the Spaceport, go to the windowed wall (opposite where you entered)

Edit: yeah, talk to the aliens in the Spaceport

meepmoopmeep3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

there's tasks? do i need to speak to an alien?

i went all over the place, got the 2 zoni, hrmm... i'll try again tonight

EDIT: i think it's Axion City, the next place after first meeting Azeroth (old lombax)

Cat3727d ago

Spaceport=Axiom City. Follow the path around to the area where there's a taxi cab on your left (that takes you back to the beginning of the level) and I think from there it's a swingshot across into the Spaceport. I feel like this itself should've triggered a small cutscene and then prompted subsequent action?

meepmoopmeep3727d ago

hrm... i know that platform thing you gotta use your wrench. i''ll try tonight.

if not i'm huntin' you down! :P

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gravv3727d ago

seriously why discuss about it here, it contains a little spoiler

meepmoopmeep3727d ago

i think i edited it, wasn't really a spoiler but umm.. yeah

Dead_Cell3727d ago

If knowing you have to do tasks in a game is a spoiler you shouldn't be on review sites.

HowarthsNJ3727d ago

I would have waited a few months until a newer version hit retail.

AssassinHD3727d ago

I beat the game on Medium, collected every Zoni, 36 out of 40 Gold Bolts, and have every weapon maxed, and I have yet to encounter a single bug. Of course I haven't been through Challenge Mode yet, so that one remains to be seen.

Cat3727d ago

I've contacted Insomniac about when they will patch the Challenge Mode bug (for the love of all things Zoni do NOT trigger that one, it corrupts the save), the other ones were just disappointing to encounter in a Ratchet game, and moderately frustrating.

boodybandit3727d ago

from getting my first platinum for a PS3 title and I have yet to encounter one bug or glitch. I'm not saying they don't exist but merely I haven't witnessed any. Games like this is why I own a PS3. One of the best franchises in gaming history.

jav09183727d ago

The only real bug I encountered was on *spoiler* Dr. Nefarious' ship. I used Fred and I jumped over an enemy while Fred grabbed it and my game froze =( it was almost 2am and i was so into the game the moment.

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lh_swe3727d ago

I am on the brink of insanity with all the great games, seriously going bonkers.

Cat3727d ago

Totally - I guess the nice thing about Ratchet is that since it lacks the more time-sensitive multiplayer component, you could always save (and savor) it later!

lh_swe3726d ago

That is exactly what I'll be doing althouhg it pains me.

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