Elder-Geek: Modern Warfare 2 Video Review

Elder-Geek has a video review up for Modern Warfare 2!

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Ghost93724d ago

This is a good review.

znu3724d ago

Yea man i agree
I love how everyone here hates on Modern Warfare 2 even though its going to be an amazing game :)

Infinity Ward are great devs... so what if they didn't use a new engine, they still made an amazing looking game and quite frankly i don't give a sh!t about the graphics... even though they do look pretty good

The multiplayer will PROBABLY be unmatched this year and the single player looks to be insanely fun too!

Sub4Dis3724d ago

i see absolutely no difference between this reviewer's style and that of game trailers. another run-of-the-mill, no originality, review site

Fatal Blow3724d ago

Guy's if u live in the uk and still have not got this game then get it from sainsburys for £26 u can't go wrong just a heads up

electricshadow3724d ago

Nice! Just seven more hours! :D

tehk1w13724d ago

Good lord. FINALLY a review that doesn't completely suck.

Great review. Well done.

3724d ago
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