Battle Arena Toshiden : two videos

All-gamers published two videos of Battle Arena Toshiden

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SpoonyRedMage4714d ago

I wonder what the odds of it begin released in Europe are?

Because it's looking pretty sweet.

green4714d ago

The original Toshinden was the game that convinced me to do anything my parents asked of me in order to get them to buy a Playstation for me.

SpoonyRedMage4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

Well, they aren't really connected(weirdly). This one is made DreamFactory.

kewlkat0074714d ago

I really liked Kayin's and Mondo's stage theme music.

Very good music from that series, witha lil Jazz flavor.

Shnazzyone4713d ago

Or does this look like a fraking awesome game? Does it use motion plus??!?!? I want this!!! how do tell japan we want this so we can get it?!?!