Telegraph: Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Review

Telegraph writes: "So here it is at last; the biggest game of 2009. The sequel to one of the most successful first person shooter (FPS) titles of all time. The most anticipated video game release of the year. The title which looks set to break international sales records in spite of the fact that its publisher has decided to charge £10 more than the standard price for a new release. The game that may yet reanimate the recently (and hopefully still) laid-to-rest debate on video game violence. The first video game of this year to receive its own premiere in Leicester Square. While it arrives creaking under the weight of its own hype, the press accolades and advertising campaign that herald its arrival make Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 sound like the entertainment revelation the whole world has been waiting for; it swaggers into retail outlets with all the confidence of a rock star taking the stage in front of its most committed fans. But can it possibly hope to live up to the ludicrous expectations heaped upon it?"

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Greywulf3728d ago

What about gamer standards...?

testerg353728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

Greywulf, but yet I'm sure you jumped up and down with joy for every high score that UC2 recieved from these "reviewers".

Edit: Carl1412, what I love is how users, who have never even played the game, have already decided that MW2 sucks. So what if its an overdone genre.. if its fun, then who cares.

Carl14123728d ago


Uncharted 2 was a brilliant game in a genre that doesn't have a lot of games this generation. It improved in every way upon the first one, and it did everything brilliantly.

It wasn't part of an over saturated genre where a game comes out every week. Also, MW2 does absolutely nothing different, is pretty much the same as MW1 in all but name, and actually has less stuff than MW1.

DigitalAnalog3728d ago

Unlike this game, Uncharted 2 deserved it's high praises and scores. I dare you to compare MW and MW2 side by side and if it wasn't for the story or extra multi-player perks, you wouldn't have known the difference. Sad, because gaming journalism just told the whole world that you don't need to push graphics/gameplay/story. Just add a few multiplayer perks and add "controversy" as the icing and you're good to go.

Such cheap standards.

Perjoss3728d ago

I have no problem ignoring this title, It's going to take me quite some time to finish Dragon Age on the PC and what a fantastic game it is, I'm not going to let Activision interrupt my playthrough of this game.

I hope MW2 does REALLY well to the point that Activision get cokky and pump chit loads of cash into new franchises that fail and bring the company down. I'm ashamed that Blizzard are associated with them.

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mint royale3728d ago

I can't choose between this or Super Mario for my November game. Its impossible!

Jikla3728d ago

I already pre-ordered muramasa (EU) instead of MW 2. And now I don't got money for MW 2 before christmas :/ At least I got dragon age...

El_Colombiano3728d ago

Whoa! You can't be serious! Mario man!

Carl14123728d ago

Advertising campaign? I haven't actually seen a signal advert for this yet.

On another note, i bought EyePet today and it is a lot more fun than i ever had with COD4.

Danteh3728d ago

I'd like to sa that this is great for all gamers. I'm sometimes a PS3 fanboy but all of you who hate on MW2 should just accept that it's one of the best games of the year and will compete with UC2 for GOTY. Why is that a bad thing? I'm buying it (of course) for PS3, I prefer the controller, trophies.... and PSN now is on-par with Live. Oh, and ever better graphix (at some places :O).

So yeah there's room for MW2, KZ2 and UC2,

See ya on the biggest battlefield of the decade!

bnaked3728d ago

a 10/10 game defines the genre and has a singleplayer longer than 6 hours.. Nuff said..

Carl14123728d ago

Oh yeah. I forgot 10/10 meant that it is standout in the genre and does lots of new stuff.

Like these new weapon skins in MW2. And it has no dedicate servers, no mods, and charging for maps on the PC version. Hell of a USP.

bnaked3727d ago

yo, MW2 is overrated, just because of the hype..

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