PlayDevil: Fat Princess PS3/PSN review - Fat or funny?

PlayDevil has posted a review of Titan Studios PSN strategy game "Fat Princess".

Here's a snip:

"Whilst there is a team deathmatch mode to Fat Princess, the vast majority of the games you play together will be a twist on classic capture the flag. The twist is that the fatter your princess is, the slower she is carried, and therefore the easier it is to get her back. It's simple enough, and also feels new enough that the game still feels fresh and fun to me after playing for a solid number of hours."

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Persistantthug3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

PlayDevilcom said:
"There’s no story as such to Fat Princess, just the general premise,"

There is a single player and in the single player, there is a story. Is it long or compelling...I'd say not so much...but it's kinda "cute".
The single player campaign is put in to help train you for the multiplayer.

I'm commenting on this because, even if you're a small site, you should still strive to get your information that you convey correctly. Honestly, if you can't get something as a game dynamic right, how are readers supposed to trust you're future info on more important stories?

I hope you do better in the future.

GamerKnights3726d ago

@ Persistantthug

Comment from our reviewer: I believe that you maybe haven't read all of the review- I said in the full text that there isn't really a story for the game. That rings true- as you say- the single player just is a training mode for multiplayer. There's no real story to it, and in my opinion, it isn't great, either! thanks for your comment, however.