AppAdvice Review - Harbor Havoc 3D

AppAdvice writes: "Harbor Havoc 3D brings a fresh take to the line drawing genre, that can be wonderful to play. The game looks brilliant, and directing traffic on multiple levels is amazing. The problem is that it takes a while to get into the good action.

Flight Control started it all, and now there are so many gameplay mechanic copies that path drawing has become its own genre. Harbor Master passed Flight Control, and then 33rd Division brought a whole new idea to the path drawing making it the best of the "genre". For directing various vehicle traffic Harbor Master is #1, Harbor Havoc 3D has moved into the #2 spot just behind, and Flight control is at #3, but all behind 33rd Division.

Harbor Havoc is a great game in the App Store, and a should buy for a $1.99, and hopefully we can see a quick update with a save system, and a fast forward button. With the update we may have the new king of path drawing games."

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