LittleBigPlanet glitches to be left untouched; more interactive music planned

Critical Gamer Writes: As you may have already heard, they told us that they thought LittleBigPlanet 2 would be a very bad idea. In part two of the interview, going live on Monday, they give us some more interesting snippets.

"There definitely will be more interactive music. Whether that's standalone in a music only pack… I don't know yet. We'll see how the first music pack does first. We'd love to do that; as with everything we do we'll listen to the community, and see how it goes." says producer Martin Lynagh.

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NateNater3725d ago

Its ok to leave minor glitches in as long as they're not gamebreaking.

ChickeyCantor3724d ago

A bug is a bug, and should be taken out when they are known.
These are principles of efficient/clean programming.

I say its lame on their part for not doing it.
But sure if people actually going to defend this...whatever.

Redempteur3724d ago

Well level designers in the LBP comunity are accustomed to these glitches already .. so it's not a problem as long as the crash-games ones are taken out ... ( i can't help but wonder how much data and testing they need to do just to add water lol )

And i'm intrested in music packs but i'm more intrested in more level pack like the MGS one ..

MikeMichaels3724d ago

1. Since the game is heavily physics based, any changes could break current levels.

2. Creators are actually using the "glitches" in the system to do some pretty amazing things.

3. None of those said glitches break the gameplay in any way.

LiquifiedArt3724d ago

To say "I'm ok with bugs". Well geez, my job (software engineer) just became a WHOLE LOT EASIER!! WHOO HOOO.

Thanks guys.

ReservoirDog3163724d ago

I'm not sure you guys are understanding LittleBigPlanet glitches. There's one that makes an item go further than the 3 spaces you're allowed and making non slippery glass or glass you could grab.

A lot of people use those in their levels and to take minor yet cool glitches out would suck.

So, these are actually good glitches that the community loves.

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DemonStration3725d ago

It's especially acceptable when the glitches allow you to do wacky things you aren't supposed to do.

KrazyFace3725d ago

I think LBP is the exception to the rule in this circumstance, because any other game it would become annoying but in LBP you can get creative with the glitches and use them to make unique levels. I think they're making the right decision here, like they say though, if it breaks the game it gets removed.

Job's a good un'

TheUnspokenDream3725d ago

No, all bugs should be fixed, they r 2 lasy. The reason i don't play it is because of the bugs within the game.

IDesertFoxI3724d ago

I've got to say, the presence of any bug in a game does annoy me, but I must admit that I haven't had the fortune to give LBP a play. Needless to say, if the glitches can be exploited to make room for new creativity, and not just make sack boy snag his sack on the corners, then I see no harm in it.

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The story is too old to be commented.