Modern Warfare 2: PS3 vs. 360 HD comparison

Here's a batch of Modern Warfare 2 comparison screens that were taken with Full RGB and Superwhite settings on the PS3, thus offering better comparability than the former comparisons. All the shots were taken with a professional grabbing system in 720p.

Can you tell the difference?

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loslonelyman4714d ago

The PS3 looks better. I really thought they would be identical,but lighting is much better on the Ps3 side.

gaffyh4714d ago

These screens are near identical, some look better on 360 and some look better on PS3. Well done to Infinity Ward!

THE MAX SPEED 214714d ago

why are the pictures so pale though? all the screens they show comparison with are always pale.

Darkeyes4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

Looks like all the hanging out with ND paid out... The lighting actually looks better in the PS3 in a few screen shots lol...

Turning on the RGB and Super white affects the performance most of the times. It's a shame that most comparers don't turn on the feature before comparing..

ABizzel14714d ago

There are differences, but both version look very similar in this comparison (the last comparison guy should be ashamed of himself).

The PS3 version has better lighting and textures, but the 360 version has more effects like bloom, and cast more shadows.

StanLee4714d ago

Anyone who says they can tell the difference from those comparisons are flat out lying.

_vx4714d ago

both look the same graphic looks like crap

presto7174714d ago

cuz the ps3 version looks better.

Just wondering.

Xgamerzus4714d ago

Same on both consoles!! obivously get it on PC,get a "no disc crack" , then sell it!!
The old engine is amazing ONLY ON PC!!!
but for consoles it is Meh=0...compared to our new Next Gen PS3 FPS engines!!
Sorry but recylying old PC FPS engines and charging $65.00 is not my idea of a fair deal.

NeoCloud4714d ago

I really doesn't matter which version looks better cause in the end The X360 version's gonna sell a Sh.....Load.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat4714d ago

Probably because the PS3's last-gen controller is so gimped.

Call of Duty games are best played with a 360 controller.
It's just one of life's simple truths. lol

Sarcasm4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

Wow... those of you saying one looks better than the other need to realize that some of them aren't in the same exact location. Otherwise, ZERO DIFFERENCES to my eyes.

"Call of Duty games are best played with a 360 controller.
It's just one of life's simple truths. lol "

Right... Even though the PS3's analog sticks has a better deadzone, a better d-pad, and contact sensitive face buttons. The good thing about the 360 controller is the triggers, concaved analog sticks, and perhaps ergonomics.

It's a preference, so stop acting like it's a fact.

SL1M DADDY4714d ago

They made both versions look identical. Kudos to yet another multiplat game by them that looks the same. Now if only more and more devs of the third party kind could do the same.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat4714d ago

"It's a preference, so stop acting like it's a fact."

I know, and most people prefer the 360's. ;)

Highwayman4714d ago

While it does appear that the PS3 version has a slight edge in lighting, just remember that the 360 has some tricks akin to the PS3's full RGB and superwhite. Though I don't remember what they are exactly. I haven't been in my settings in a long time.

The screens look great. The 360 seems to have more accurate colors, whereas the PS3 colors look as though it is on wide gamut. Visuals do look really good on both platforms, I think. Can't wait to try out the multiplayer and unlock my Bushy.

Alcon Caper4714d ago

They should take a picture of screen tearing. ;)

Poopface the 2nd4714d ago

like usual the 360 is looking much better.

loslonelyman4714d ago

definitely better. I guess having a true HD console with tons of settings to tweak may be the difference?Even the devs said if your PS3 settings are "wonky" it will not look like the 360.My TV has custom presets as well as 50 different picture sliders (Toshiba 46LX177) so i usually spend a half hour messing with the settings till i can see a mosquito fart at 20 feet away from the screen.

Domenikos4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

PS3 version looks better in terms of colours and textures.

360 has more shiny, gloss effects.

Ill get it on PS3 later this year, see you in PSN.

novcze4714d ago

I see lot of confusion in what Full RGB and Super White does. There are some facts
- Super White is only effective when Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr output is ON, thus not when you play games.
- Full RGB ON = PC video levels = 256 shades of grey (0 = black, 255 = white)
- Full RGB Limited = standard video levels for CE (same as on DVD/BD) = 226 shades of grey (15 = black, 240 = white)

It`s obvious that you will get better on-screen contrast ratio and more colors with Full RGB ON, question is if your TV can support PC video levels over HDMI. One can easily figure out if TV can support Full RGB with some monitor test images ( ).

ultimolu4714d ago

If I do get this game, it won't be because of the graphics.

It looks the same.

WenisWagon4714d ago

Look at how fake the brown smoke looks at the top right in the ps3 version compared to the Xbox 360 version.

beans4714d ago

I gotta give the upper hand to 360 for many effects like smoke, haze, dust, and lighting on many objects not even seen on the ps3 version. Really all they did was recreate each ps3 level minus all the simple touches to make it feel more realistic. Anybody with a pair of two eyes can look at these pics and see that once again the ps3 version is struggling to keep up. Both versions look great but the 360 version clearly takes this one.

gintoki7774714d ago

the color actually looks better on the ps3 version its just slightly sharper but other than that no difference.. lights in the 360 version look like they blur out more idk like in the 1st picture the guys helmet

Statix4714d ago

Actually, I've personally felt for a long time that the PS3 controller was the superior controller for shooters; this is speaking as veteran FPS gamer on both consoles and PC.

While I do somewhat prefer the 360's analog stick layout (the left stick being higher than the right stick), I much prefer the PS3's smoother, more precise analog sticks. It's the simple truth that the PS3's analog sticks are smoother, feature a LARGER range of motion, and a less prominent feeling of analog deadzone--all of which contribute greatly to precision aiming in shooters. I've seen another website report on the analog stick quality of the two systems, arriving to similar conclusions.

I simply feel the level of precision afforded by the PS3's analog sticks make it my preferred controller for shooters, although I do agree that the 360's analog stick LAYOUT, as well as the feel of the triggers, is better.

rockleex4714d ago

Are actually noticeable. Unlike the minimal differences between a DVD and Bluray.


RememberThe3574714d ago

@Bubbles_Kitty_Cat: All the disagrees seem to prove you wrong.

However, I do think the fact the the 360 controller is bigger. If I could get a Duelshock 3 that is a bit bigger, has better triggers and the indents of the 360 sticks, I'd have the perfect controller for me. Overall though, the Deulshock 3 is a better controller than the 360 controller.

BrianC62344714d ago

Do the PS3 shots look better? I can't tell. They look about the same to me. The main problem is these screen shots aren't the exact same images so you really can't say which is better. Both look good and that's all that matters.

ikkokucrisis4714d ago

If i had to be really nitpicky, the PS3 screenshots have less contrast, but more detail than its 360 counterpart!

Looking forward to playing it tomorrow!

morganfell4714d ago

PS3 took this one easily. Some people may think the 360 shows better particle effects and light bloom but they would be incorrect. In some instances it appears so, such as the building explosion on page 2 but that is because the 360 shot shows the building in the midst of the explosion and the PS3 version is at the beginning of the explosion. They are not from the same time sequence and are thus deceptive.

A little common sense will prevent an incorrect observation, even for those unwilling to admit the time of the PS3 has arrived.

Elaine Benes4714d ago

but while you kids spend your time disagreeing, i'll spend my time enjoying it on 360.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )


Of course what I said got tons of disagrees.
N4G is a massive PS3-circlejerk, where the PS3 is always in first place and the power of the Cell is mightier than God Himself. lol

Out in the real world, most people prefer the 360's controller.

Saaking4714d ago

If you don't like N4G, no one is stopping you from leaving. There's an equal amount of Ps3 "fanboys" and 360 "fanboys" whether you like it or not. In certain articles, Ps3 fanboys will get tons of disagrees and in others it'll be the 360 fans. Just stop complaining.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat4714d ago

Not complaining, just pointing out the truth: this place is crawling with bitter PS3 fans.

It's well known across the interwebs. :D

Anon19744714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat said above "Out in the real world, most people prefer the 360's controller."

Then how come since the 360 has had any competition it's been outsold? If "in the real world" everyone prefers the 360 controller, why hasn't this translated into sales?

Clearly consumers have spoken. Since they've had a choice they've picked either the PS3 or Wii in greater numbers. Of course, this is probably due to a number of reasons beside controller preference.

I guess that makes me ask, where did you get the idea that people prefer the 360's controller? Having used both extensively, personally the broken D-Pad and the 360 controller is a huge source of frustration for me in any game that uses it regularly.

Sarcasm4714d ago

"I simply feel the level of precision afforded by the PS3's analog sticks make it my preferred controller for shooters, although I do agree that the 360's analog stick LAYOUT, as well as the feel of the triggers, is better."

Bubbles to Statix! That's exactly how I feel. There are things I like about the 360 controller and things I don't like about the PS controller. But at the end of the day, my control style is very sensitive and I need the dead zones to be as small as possible so I can be as accurate as possible. So the PS controller fits the bill there FOR ME.

And to Bubbles_kitty_cat please provide some factual evidence besides that people prefer the 360 controller to the PS3 most of the times.

To me the 360 controller is like a big GT car where it has great pedal feel (triggers), comfortable bucket seats (concaved analogs), and rides extremely comfortable (Size), but is a bit sluggish with the steering inputs (dead zone) and the gearbox isn't snappy or accurate (D-Pad).

While the PS controller is more like an EVO FQ-520 where it has an incredible steering ratio (dead zone), Super AYC (contact sensitive face buttons), a precise gearbox (D-pad), but the ride is a little rougher (size), the pedals are mushy (triggers), and the seats aren't as fitting (analog sticks).

So some might prefer the GT car, and others might want the EVO. And seeing as how a majority of 360 players only own a 360 will obviously prefer the 360 controller, and vice versa for PS3 owners. The argument is moot.


jadenkorri4713d ago

is a blind 360 fanboy, they look identical, if were gonna get nit picky at things, the picture top right 5th one, ps3 has light illuminating the dust, were as the 360 does not, just more dust. But he 360 has different vents on the bottom fist one were as the ps3 does not. But otherwise, graphically both match, and thats exactly what IW was going to do. I personally would like to see a company take advantage of each system and develop the same game for that system. It might stop the flamwars or fuel it.

Amp4713d ago

look at the tower in the center of screen with the writing on it, look at the detail on the rooftop itself, look at the writing on the gun itself!

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Nitrowolf24714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

wow they actually got the settings right, and guess what they look nearly identical. You can say for either one that they have the upper edge over the other but to me they look the same.

there are 2 shots that look better on the PS3

EDITED: actually took another look after seeing those 2 i posted i went back, look at the 360 version and notice in most background its more of a mist/fog effect.

TBH i really don't care for Muliplat advantage because we know PS3 could produce better.

zoks3104714d ago

That mist and fog is a trick used by devs to cover up jagged edges.

Anon19744714d ago

It's less taxing on the hardware.

qqjohn4714d ago

The look the same if you take off your fanboy glasses

JeffGUNZ4714d ago

hahah bubbles for you sir. Exactly. They are identical. Good job IW.

Consoldtobots4714d ago

weren't you the same people in last weeks thread laughing up a storm because the PS3 versions looked "washed out". That my little amigos = NO CREDIBILITY on your part.

PS3 version looks better fwiw.

JeffGUNZ4714d ago

I could care less how a game looks on PS3, since I only own a 360. The only reason I looked at this article is cause it's MW2 and they look identical.

NateNater4714d ago

I really see little to no difference here

hay4714d ago

Agreed. As usuall I fail to spot any difference.

glennc4713d ago

that's because you are unbiased. when i fanboy speaks his oppinions are influenced by his emotions, or more to the point his hatred for the other console.

Bumpmapping4714d ago

PS3 version looks more natural.

Kamikaze1354714d ago

Lol, yeah I noticed that on the 360 version, too. Weird =O

DonCorneo4714d ago

even the jaggies are shiny

4714d ago
xcox4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )


killzone 2 is the best looking FPS this gen.

moving on

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