Windows XP vs. Windows 7

MyGaming compares the gaming performance of Windows 7 with Windows XP.

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NateNater3727d ago

XP was great but ill take 7 over it any day.

CptBach3727d ago

Any links for vista vs windows 7 comparison?

a_squirrel3727d ago

don't even bother with getting vista if 7 is out.

I have 7, and it's the 'What vista should have been'

FragMnTagM3727d ago

Somebody has a broken sarcasm detector. His comment was most assuredly sarcastic. If not, then well... I dunno.

crazy250003727d ago

I dual boot currently and there's a huge difference between the two in terms of UI, speed, smoothness of transitions, and Windows 7 is just sexy :D

crazy250003727d ago

But I guarantee you that if you actually use both OS's, you will notice that Windows 7 is unmatched.

gta_cb3727d ago

the love Windows 7 is getting =) not saying i dont like it but normally these articles are filled with biased comments.

on topic:
i agree windows 7 is really nice, also currently using Vista on my laptop which i will upgrade when i dont have so much uni work to do on it =(

@ anyone hating on Windows 7.
yes it takes more memory etc to run then XP but HONESTLY who who still uses 512mb of ram anymore? especially when 1gb costs about £9-£14 now (source -

SaiyanFury3727d ago

I'm also running a dual boot with XP on one partition and Windows 7 on another. I'll let it be said that XP is rarely ever used. Windows 7 is fast, stable, compatible and improves upon XP in nearly every way. I don't bother gaming in XP simply because I don't notice a big improvement in framerates. I'm playing Dragon Age: Origins of late and I tried it in both OS's and it ran equally well in both. Not to mention that XP looks fugly and, quite frankly, old in comparison, whereas Windows 7 takes advantage of my hardware and runs so fast and smooth. I think I'm in love; not with Microsoft, but with a well designed product that the public can finally rally behind.

BYE3727d ago

XP was tolerable, Vista was horrible, 7 is great.

There's not much of a quality gap between Windows and Mac OSX Snow Leopard now, which says a lot.

masterg3727d ago

Especially if you take into consideration that 90% of the stuff you can do on a PC you can not do on a Mac.

NaiNaiNai3727d ago

Actually you can only do about 60% of the stuff on mac. You know without having to emulate it and crash half the time.

FragMnTagM3727d ago

What are you on about? Must not have read the article...

darkequitus3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

I have Windows 64bit on my HTC; 32bit on my iMac (only got snow leopard for the bootcamp drivers, lol).
Now, I just have to get vista off my laptop. MS have hit the bullseye with this one.

Edit. I like the fact WMP can play .mts file straight off my HD camcorder