Gamezebo Review: Torchlight

The dungeon crawler. It's a time-honored tradition amongst gamers. Whether we're talking Dungeon Siege, Titan Quest or the more casual-friendly FATE, nearly everyone has played a game about killing orcs and selling pants. Well - almost everyone. The genre has always seemed more intimidating than need be, and Torchlight is looking to change that. We don't want to go out on a limb here, but this might just be the first dungeon-crawler that's fun, simple, and accessible to everyone.

When writing about Torchlight it would be impossible to not mention the influence it draws from Blizzard properties. Elements of both Diablo and Warcraft are present here, and in droves. Runic Games, the team behind Torchlight, is actually made up of former Blizzard developers that created the Diablo series. With the release of Diablo III looming on the horizon, it seems only fitting that the team that welcomed Diablo into the world release some competent competition in the form of Torchlight.

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